Josh Murray's acting career began in the audition room for a short film (which he booked) and he has never slowed in his pursuit of mastering the skill since. He is an experienced film actor having worked on dozens of Film/TV projects with sets ranging from self-produced shorts to studio pictures, including several lead roles in independent features as well as on stage, performing in two title roles of plays. He has most recently added directing to his list of accomplishments with the release of 'The Soliloquy'. This self-directed performance recently earned him a Best Actor award at the Gideon Film Festival and his lead role in the 'Game of Pawns' won a TIVA Silver Peer award this year.

Josh appears in two feature films slated for national theatrical release in the coming year, 'Alone Yet Not Alone' where he plays a young, up and coming Col. George Washington and 'Wish You Well' (starring Josh Lucas and Ellen Burstyn) as the dad of the protagonist (played by Mackenzie Foy of Twilight). He can next be seen in the upcoming TV movie event 'Killing Lincoln' (starring Billy Campbell and narrated by Tom Hanks) playing the vicious assassin Lewis Powell. His performance was often described on set as down right scary.  Executive Producers include Ridley Scott and Erik Jendresen (Band of Brothers).

Josh creates intense, raw characters which paired with his height make for a formidable presence on stage or screen. Josh is most often complimented on his dedication, thoughtfulness and courage by those who work with him. He frequently plays roles involving determined and driven people with focus and authority (such as Sherlock Holmes) and ranging from desperation and even madness (as in the role of Macbeth) to positive leadership roles such as George Washington (in the upcoming period epic Alone Yet Not Alone). Another recurring type is the charming (and bordering on cocky) success oriented characters like the leading man roles in Game of Pawns and Adams Morgan. His penchant for dialects and accents further facilitates his character range and has sometimes resulted in both audience and fellow film makers mistaking him for a foreigner. 

Josh Murray values realism in the stories he conveys and in the characters he portrays. He is drawn to tell of the courage, faith and sacrifice of those that inspire the same in us all; knowing that while inspiring others is a time tested filmmaker's formula for commercial success, a film that skillfully and honestly communicates truth can go beyond entertainment and touch people's lives.